Outbound Contact Center Solutions

Data Entry & Verification Services

Organizations have come to rely, very rightly, on effective data management. It is essential for a company to have precise and accurate data so as to be able to make competitive decisions. Organizations must have these details in all their transactions, whether financial, sales, or production in determining the final outcome.

We understand that data entry, although tiresome, is important to data management. A solution to this problem is to outsource data entry processes to a specialized company. Bellvantage can take care of all your data entry needs, without a hassle to you, and provide you 360-degree services so that you do not have to stress over anything.

Bellvantage has over decade of experience in data entry and analysis and multiple delivery centers across industries. This allows us to work on large volumes of data to provide accurate data entry services to clients.

With skilled and experienced professionals, Bellvantage services are secure, fast and accurate. They are adept at handling working in multiple industries and can support various industries with varied complex issues.

The Quality Assurance (QA) team at Bellvantage performs multiple quality checks to ensure that all data entry projects meet the client’s expected quality standards and have an accuracy level of more than 99%.

Finally, we care about your bottom line. We can help you experience a minimum of 60% cost savings when you select us. We are transparent in our transactions and the pricing mechanism is flexible to meet your requirements or financial budgets.

Hosted Contact Center Solutions

Can’t invest large amounts of money upfront for a contact center? That is ok, we can help you. We provide easy-to-use, comprehensive cloud-based interaction management options that can take this burden off your shoulders.

We bring you dependable cloud hosting architecture that is guaranteed high performance for your contact center. We provide you with hosted contact center solutions and architectures that are ideal for you. Our cloud-based solutions make it easier for you to respond fast to ever-changing customer needs without compromising on your bottom line or your competitiveness.

In addition, our application was developed to support deployment of applications containing sensitive data and allow managing the platform without compromising access to the data, allowing you to focus on securing customer data.

Deploying through the hosted contact center lowers your costs, streamlines maintenance and upgrades, helps your self-service applications and live agents deliver first-contact resolution. Additionally, it supports integration between CRM, self-service and your contact center, so that you can offer truly personalized interactions, which will set your business apart.

Our expert staff will help you from implementation to deployment to optimize your output. They will help you by providing a customized plan to help you reach your goals in productivity and profit. This will help boost your cost savings and improve performance in key indicators.

These services, as well as network monitoring of centers, are offered around the clock via our online ticketing system, phone and chat services.

BulkSMS Gateway Solutions

With its introduction, the short message service (SMS) revolutionized our communication methods and speed. We are now always reachable via SMS and this is a preferred method for many around the world. In fact, some people depend solely on these messages. With SMS costs at an all-time low, it makes financial sense for you to use it to your advantage. BellVantage offers a BulkSMS Gateway Solution that is perfect for you to reach your client at a lower cost at better attraction rates.

A newer phenomenon has been the sending of news alerts over SMS, allowing the subscriber to stay up-to-date, no matter where s/he is, or what time it is. Similarly, many companies now use BulkSMS services to keep their customers abreast of their promotions and news, as well as for customer-interaction, complaints, CRM, surveys and many more. Both these have come to utilize the service extremely well, in ways that suit their requirement, and they have benefited beyond expectations.

At BellVantage, we offer you a reliable and trusted service in delivering high volume messages. You can choose to send bulk SMS messages in a single hit, or send time- or event-triggered messages (such as SMS server alerts, or job scheduling texts). The Bellvantage BulkSMS service allows you to send SMS text messages to any network in Sri Lanka and you can choose to send directly from your BulkSMS web account or you can connect your systems application to our messaging server.

The solution comes with particular benefits and features that can help make your work easier.

Key Features

  • Contact List Management
  • Number masking (11 characters)
  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • Bulk SMS campaigns
  • SMS campaign scheduling
  • Delivery reports
  • Online Billing
  • Detail Bill
  • Live dashboards (Monitor SMS delivery)
  • Web Based Interface
  • Speed – 100 SMS per second
  • 160 characters per SMS, if exceeds concatenated as a one message but considered as two messages

Our product can launch your brand or service to the market or raise awareness about new products and services with ease. A preferred method for many, this system will allow you to reach your clients with the least hassle to both parties.