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The insurance industry has had a massive surge in the recent times, given the booming population, increase in companies and consumer culture. With higher awareness on the need for insurance, many people buy insurance policies by default. This has led to an increase in the workload for the industry, and there is a general need for extra hands on deck. Also, with larger markets, insurance companies look at expanding their core business, developing innovative products and services to keep pace with changing consumer demographics, optimizing costs, and complying with strict regulatory norms.

We can help you tackle this need. We are geared to help companies accelerate their growth plans. We provide flexible delivery models and end-to-end consulting services to deliver projects. Bellvantage is synonymous with trusted business partner for insurance companies as we help shape the success of the company. Our products are customized to cover the party, agency, accounting, commission, new business, policyholder service, claims and other electronic documentation.

Outsourcing part or all of the business process can be extremely helpful for companies as it reduces costs and improves service levels. Policy processing takes the most amount of work, and valuable resources of the company are used in this part of the process. Removing this component will free up your staff who can then engage in strategic planning and marketing. Your company will get an error-free result while your valued customers get better services from your staff. This leads to better client retention and even higher referrals.

In addition, we have extended our services to streamline operations of insurance brokers in Sri Lanka to comply with regulations. This helps to fulfill the much-needed software solution to streamline the core operation. Let the expertise capabilities and knowledge of our team help you make your business better and customers happy.

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