Insurance Broker Solution

A Comprehensive general insurance software solution covering end to end life cycle of general insurance business process.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and customizable to meet specific broking requirements.
  • Eliminates paper activities and aiming to paperless environment.
  • Hassle free preparation of insurance regulatory reports (IBSL).
  • Improves visibility with real-time monitoring of key performance metrics and gives insight into process bottlenecks.
  • We partner with cutting-edge technology and IT infrastructure to ensure insurance industry uses best-practices to leverage their competitive advantage.
  • This web-based system is data error free, allowing users a quick and consolidated view of operations. It has strict authorization and workflow rules built in to protect against data intruders and full fill of regulatory requirements.

Key Features

  • Supports for both Life & Non-Life business portfolios.
  • Parameterized product configuration.
  • Record your all transactions (New business, endorsements & renewals).
  • Record your clients claims & status tracking.
  • Alerts (Premium outstanding & Renewals).
  • Commission Reconciliation.
  • IBSL Reports.
  • Business Statistics / MIS.

Our Clients

  • LM&A Insurance Brokers.
  • Global Insurance Brokers.
  • Life & General Insurance Brokers.
  • Cynergy Insurance Brokers.
  • DayaSarana Insurance Brokers.
  • Soft Logic Finance PLC.
  • Merchantile Insurance Brokers.
  • Colombore Insurance Brokers.
  • Senarathne Insurance Brokers.
  • Delmege Insurance Brokers.
  • Priority Health Insurance Brokers.
  • P&U Insurance Brokers.