General Insurance Business Solution

A Comprehensive general insurance software solution covering end to end life cycle of general insurance business process.

Key Benefits

  • A strategic partnership with Bellvantage's GBS helps insurance firms to streamline core general insurance business operations from acquisition to exit.
  • Strengthen financial, risk and regulatory controls. Bellvantage helps insurers to go beyond simply meeting regulatory requirements. Our solutions helps companies leverage risk management as a strategic competitive differentiator.
  • GBS software combines underwriting and policy administration into a single flexible platform, saving time, reducing operational costs to facilitate multi-channel capabilities. We are also working on extending the solution to include mobile and other electronic applications.
  • Improves visibility with real-time monitoring of key performance metrics and gives insight into process bottlenecks.
  • We partner with cutting-edge technology and IT infrastructure to ensure insurance industry uses best-practices to leverage their competitive advantage.
  • This web-based system is data error free, allowing users a quick and consolidated view of operations. It has strict authorization and workflow rules built in to protect against data intruders and full fill of regulatory requirements.

Key Features

  • Product Engine
  • Quotation/New Business
  • Endorsements
  • Claims
  • Renewals
  • Reinsurance
  • Account Receivables
  • Account Payables
  • Channel Management, Commission & Incentive
  • Operational Reports
  • MIS

Our Clients