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Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis Provide consulting services for business process improvement

A business is driven by results. A business process is a series of steps that is followed to achieve a desired result in the business. Are you experiencing symptoms such as taking too long to achieve the results, complaints, errors in the results? These are indications that the relevant business process needs to be reviewed and improved. Our consultant will study your business process which does not give you your desired results.

The next step in the analysis would be to then identify the desired objectives. Sometimes this may require the reduction of either the cycle time or the error. At other times it could require the elimination of unwanted or repeated steps. Yet other instances may require merely documenting the process. At this stage, our consultant would identify the start and end points of the process as well as the human resources involved in it. We at Bellvantage believe that it is important to work closely with them in order to achieve the best results.

Introducing best practices

Maintaining best practices is vital for any business process. We are able to assist our clients to implement some of the industry specific best practices. Why? We have domain experts who have been exposed to a wide range of business practices. They will help you to introduce the best practice to maximize the results while maintaining standards. As customers become demanding and are exposed to the wide range of products, businesses need to be more focused on quality and standards in terms of process to make a difference. Our consultants will help you to achieve this.

Product Evaluation and Selection

A wide variety of products are now available in the markets. Clients may require the purchase of solutions yet not have the necessary technical resources. We offer to step in and help you make the right choice through providing you with the technical evaluation. After analyzing your requirement versus the systems specifications, we provide you with a recommendation independently. Vendors, with their sales skills, could confuse the customer by promoting features and functions that are not appropriate for the business. This could result in the spending of an exorbitant amount of money for unwanted features. Our staff will be able to use their valuable experience to help the customer understand the pros and cons of the system that is being evaluated.

Some legacy systems are no longer viable to maintain and meet the new requirements. Some of the functions may be obsolete. Bellvantage knows that systems or modules of a large system cannot escape from undergoing continuous changes resulting difficulties in maintenance. We offer to re-engineer your system by taking the following measures

  • Understanding the existing system without changing the functionality.
  • Add new requirements.
  • Eliminating the obsolete functions.
  • Restructure or re-write the code without changing the functionality to facilitate easy maintenance.
  • Improve the processing time of the system.
  • Advantages by allowing us to re-engineer your system...
  • Developing a new system may be risky as you may not have the necessary skills and knowledge resources available when required.
  • Re-engineering is cost effective in compared to developing a new system.
  • We re-engineer systems as per customer requirements. This assists our customers to achieve better processing capabilities.

Good architecture is vital for a good system. However we recognize the fact that such skills are costly. A team of experienced software architects will design your system at an affordable price. This will be achieved by first studying the customer's requirements and documenting the specifications. (In some cases, the customer would provide the requirement specification documents.) We will design the system architecture and then hand it over to the customer for their team or a 3rd party to do the coding. Automated tools are used to design specifications.