About Us

Corporate Information

We are an outsourcing company delivering high performance business solutions and professional services with 90% dominance in Outbound and Inbound contact center outsourcing. Additionally, we offer Contact Center Hosting, Data Processing, Software Development, Software quality assurance and IT consulting. We customize packages to your requirements, whether you want Onsite, Offsite, or Elsewhere completely. We offered mirror services for our contact centers, in addition to onsite and offsite.

We take Customer service very seriously. You will find us hard at work on your business, and training new members regularly to match your needs. We offer you convenience and innovation, with 360-degree solutions.

We come With years of experience, working with multiple Industries, Companies and Clients. There is literally no question we have not been asked. Having worked in all these industries and sectors, there is no problem we cannot handle and you're assured that your company’s business is in good hands with us.

Our skills in maintaining confidentiality are proven with our track record working with all companies in all industries. We maintain strict “Chinese Walls” to ensure your work remains yours, without being accessible to anyone else by any method.

With a workforce of over 500, we are widely recognized for our capacity, work ethic, and reliability. We know what is important to our clientele, and we provide the best, most innovative solutions.

We are the largest and only BPO in Sri Lanka with multiple industry experience who can develop customized solutions having our very own strong in-house IT team facilitating developments towards impressive Customer experiences. So, whatever your needs are, we could provide it for you, within your financial plan or budget.